Home Scandal and Gossip Jennifer Aniston turns up to NYC to pimp her new perfume.

Jennifer Aniston turns up to NYC to pimp her new perfume.


Another orchestrated pr event that’s meant to make us drool.

The lovesick and paparazzi galore made valiant attempts yesterday to get to downtown Sephora where our collective media whore love boat was in town pimping her new perfume simply titled: ‘I will always hustle Jennifer Aniston.’

justjared: The 42-year-old actress wore an orange Vivienne Westwood dress as she signed bottles for awaiting fans.

“[The fragrance] was inspired by many things and it took quite a long time to sort of develop, which I really enjoyed the process,” Jennifer told ET about the fragrance. “Of all the things you get approached about, this one sort of felt organic and right.”

What didn’t feel organic though was the way the pr event was handled courtesy of industry stalwart Stephen Huvane who insiders reported to this journal did a stellar job of making sure all the major media agencies (NY Post, NY Daily News and The New York Times) were kept waiting outside whilst Wire Image/Getty, which Mr Huvane has a stake in where magically allowed in as the house photographer.

Let’s hope Mr Huvane gets to make as much money on this deal as Ms Aniston does now that she has returned to make NYC her home again.