Home Scandal and Gossip Japan has come up with condoms for ‘animals.’

Japan has come up with condoms for ‘animals.’


Looks like Japan has come up with a new condom packaging ensemble. And why not?

jezebel: Japanese condom company uses animals on its packaging. The XL size has a photograph of an elephant. Makes sense. The large size features horse. Okay. And the smaller size — sorry, “Smart” size — is emblazoned with a picture of an eagle. A noble, proud-looking creature giving major “what the fuck are you looking at” eye.

Isn’t it a convenience that a company has finally allowed you to make love to an animal without the added inconvenience of having to go to some barn or porn set?

Why deny the animal in you? By the way, me and the interns have a sneaking suspicion that the elephant condom is way sold out- but that’s just a hunch….

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