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11 year old turned into sex slave.


“One man gave me $700, another gave me $1,000 and another gave me $500,”

The story of an eleven year old girl who was abducted and what she endured in the 5 days she was held hostage.

nydailynews: “One man gave me $700, another gave me $1,000 and another gave me $500,” the girl told the Daily News, which is withholding her name.

“Maybe there were five or six men, in all.”

The ordeal ended after the victim managed to call her grandmother.

Isn’t this suppose to be what you see on a HBO Sunday night special? Something that perhaps happens in some third world nation? Something that happened in another century when the law of the wild ruled? But something that happens literally out your window frame while your tending to your morning crossword puzzle?

When the phone rang, there was silence on the other end, but Yolanda Agostini knew it was the grade-schooler.

“Talk to me,” Agostini pleaded. “If it’s you, please tell me where you are.”

Finally, after 20 minutes, a faraway voice murmured: “Mommy, it’s me. They’re hurting me. Please, I need you … I’m in a house, I don’t know where.”

On the edge of the seat of your pants? And the surreal horrific drama continues:

“Get out,” Agostini ordered, and the girl ran from her captors, who were sleeping in the next room, onto Delancey St.

Cops found her, and doctors at Jacobi Medical Center determined she’d been raped. The girl told her family she had been forced to have sex with strangers.

What do we say as a society when things like this happen? How do we contend with individuals with that type of avarice? How do we stop malignant behavior like this from perpetrating again? How do we deal with a young girl emotionally brutalized…? How does someone excuse themselves from this behavior because they at least have the ‘decency’ to pay off give their ‘ho’ $700 0r $1000?

The damage has been lasting. The girl is in treatment at a Westchester clinic and comes home only on weekends.

“I want them to go through pain 24 hours a day,” she said tearfully of her abductors while sitting in her family’s living room in a northeast Bronx housing project.

“I want someone to make them do stuff the way they made me do stuff…I want them to go through what I went through. I think about nothing but anger.”

Is this what life is worth? The trashing of a young soul who never stood a chance, vilified and exploited to the point of no return?

And some brutal facts:

Joe Mazzilli, a private investigator and former NYPD detective, says some 40% of the hundreds of missing kid and runaway cases he’s worked on involve prostitution or pornography.

“There are very few cases that involve someone as young as 10 or 11 years old,” he said. “But on the flip side, once they hit 13, there are thousands of cases like that. It’s so sad.”

Is the type of horror drama that we should get used to seeing when there’s nothing of interest on HBO?