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The opposite sexes body clues…


One of the perks of living right next to Café Noir is that I can drink their delicious sangria whenever I so desire.  It just so happened that I was there last week, quietly catching up with a friend when we were suddenly distracted by an awkward date across the room.  Despite my sincere attempts to look away, I couldn’t help noticing how poorly the date was going and how crossed their body signals were.

The man, falsely confident after a few too many mojitos was hanging all over his less than pleased date.  She was doing a number of things including (but not limited to) staring at the ceiling, crossing her legs in his opposite direction and reaching for her coat.  I’ve seen my fair share of uncomfortable dates but this one was just painful too watch.

Needless to say, it got me thinking about body language and how we can all use this as a dating tool.  Behavioral cues may not seem relevant until our dating years, but they are actually introduced to us as children.  Kids don’t always notice nonverbal communication because they are busy watching Disney movies and singing songs.  Speaking of Disney, even Ursula told to us to “never underestimate the power of body language.”

While grossly turned off by her wiggling tentacles as she bestowed her famous words of wisdom to our mute friend Ariel, I can’t deny that she had a legitimate point.  Women and men say wonders about how they feel without making a sound.  Many of these movements are translatable if you take the time to study what they actually mean, but so often this nonverbal language is horribly misinterpreted.

I’ve always believed in the saying that “actions speak louder than words” but as I’ve gone through life I’ve begun viewing that statement as a hard fact.  It’s easier to lie with words rather than with actions because if your body gives off a different message than your words, your overall delivery will be unconvincing.  Our body’s reactions are the real indicators in how a person feels.  We may think we are telling the truth when we unconsciously feel differently.