Home Scandal and Gossip Teenage rapist pens a book on morality.

Teenage rapist pens a book on morality.


Quanel Miller, a teenage rapist, turned jailhouse writer, wants to teach you a lesson in morality.

The twenty-two year old was sentenced today to four decades in jail for raping two Brooklyn women in 2003, one in her 60’s and in her 40’s, as a fourteen year old. Last month, he was also convicted of raping Russian immigrants in Coney Island.

NY Daily News: Quanel Miller, 22, claimed that the last two years in jailed changed him, spurring him to pen a book called “Morality for Children.”

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Joel Goldberg wasn’t impressed, however. Deeming the defendant \ a “danger to society,” he gave Quanel Miller the maximum sentence of 35 to 40 years.

Miller’s defense attorney, Joshua Horowitz, asked for leniency based on his defendant “trying to find another side of himself.”

What about the side that brutality raped multiple women, Mr. Horowitz? Are we just supposed to forget about Mr. Jekyll because Quanel also has a Mr. Hyde? A charming young lad who likes to write novels in his spare jail time doesn’t nearly make up for being a depraved serial rapist, does it?

Evil doesn’t go away because you write a book on morality, and the city of New York is most certainly lucky that Quanel Miller had the proverbial book thrown at him. On the bright side for Quanel Miller, he’s got four decades ahead of him to pen the next great American novel.