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Mattel’s Monster High doll is teaching tweens to become sexualized.


It wont be long before your 5 year old is borrowing your eye liner and garter belt…

So much for innocence…Welcome to Mattel’s new hot toy- the Monster High toy which suppliers can’t keep enough on their shelves and has parenting experts outraged.

news.com.au: A FASHION doll designed by Mattel is encouraging young girls to tweeze and wax their body hair, US experts claimed yesterday.

Clawdeen Wolf comes with a rundown of the doll’s extensive hair-removal routine, which is impacting negatively on children, body image specialists said.

Tweezing leg hair? When was the last time a 5 year old or for that matter 9 year old girl had body hair to tweeze or wax? Can one argue that the doll maker is artificially promoting a state of mind in young children that has them believing as young as 5 that they are destined to be sexually charged vestiges whose worth will be conditional on their attractiveness to other boys?

“My hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial, and that’s just what grows on my legs. Plucking and shaving is definitely a full-time job but that’s a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous,” reads the character description of the teen werewolf doll.

The skimpily-dressed toy is part of Mattel’s top-selling Monster High franchise – which is targeted at girls as young as six.

Interesting. 5 year old girls who are being implored to look for their wax kit. And who doesn’t love the line – ‘…but that’s a small price to pay for being scarily promiscuous fabulous?

And what do parenting experts have to say about the new must have sex toy?

“These dolls are training girls to feel ashamed of their bodies, to focus on being sexually appealing and sexually attractive from a pre-pubescent age,” human behaviour and body image expert Dr. Patrick Wanis told FOX411’s Pop Tarts.

Ashamed? Really? Does Mattel agree with this? Let’s find out…

“Grounded in a clever and humorous storytelling, Monster High characters deliver a positive message of celebrating one’s imperfections and embracing those of others,” a Mattel spokesperson said in a statement.

Celebrating one’s imperfections may be one thing but reinforcing a hollow doctrine that women/young girls only have worth as long as they come off sexually charged is another thing. But then again, this hasn’t stopped parents bending over backwards to buy them as if they were going out of vogue…



  1. Wow, aren’t these “parenting experts” taking a toy a little too seriously? And what’s wrong with this line of toys that wasn’t wrong with BRATZ dolls or the iconic Barbie, predecessor to all fashion dolls? Generations of women spent their lifetimes pursuing the perfection portrayed by Barbie until the redesign of the torso made the doll’s appearance more “attainable”. Just make sure your daughters feel loved for who they are inside and out and maybe they won’t feel the need to be like anyone but themselves.

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