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Dutch tax man introduces new plan to tax sex workers.


Historically, the Dutch government has been slightly lenient toward sex workers than any other nation, displaying a sliver of empathy for what Jezebel.com calls the whole human trafficking/pimp thing and all”. Not anymore. Officials have introduced a tax on all registered sex workers, enabling the eyes of the law to view them as self-employed business women.

BBC.co.uk“… the industry generates about 625m euros per year (£550m; $800m). And with thousands of potential added taxpayers, the authorities are now planning to pursue them for the average 33% tax that until now many have managed to avoid”

Easier said than done. With many of the women working as legions of the night (or day as it also seems), most of them have no desire to document their existence in such a profession and in fact many come from many parts of the world for short time bursts just to make some hard cold cash, many of them working through pimps who protect them from having to deal with local authorities.

But then there those women who are willing to abide by the law, in so much they want to live in Holland and attain legal documentation- even if it seems it comes at a price- or perhaps a double standard…

Local Amsterdam sex professional Mariska notes passionately: “it feels like a little bit of a double standard to pay tax to a society that doesn’t accept you”.

Deny you but then visit you at the dead of night…

But here in lies the dilemma:

Sex workers consider themselves marginalized and unaccepted, however when posed with a scenario wherein they would be participating in an activity with the rest of society, such as paying an equal amount of taxes, they oppose because paying taxes itself is not a desirable factor.

Could one not argue that they [sex workers] should be fighting tooth and nail just to be able to in fact pay the same taxes as their non-industry counterparts? Would that not, in itself, be the ultimate commitment to equality? Never mind that paying taxes or admitting to visiting sex workers is the most desirable dinner talk one can come across…


  1. Makes sense to me. Taxing sex workers just seems to be a step in the right direction; namely legalizing prostitution. I feel the same way about prostitution as I do about most drugs: people are going to continue to use these “services” so why not just make them legal?
    Taxing these services will ultimately make the government (of whatever country) more concerned for these people’s well-being given that now they are “contributing members of society.”
    While it seems like a pain in the ass for the prostitutes (is that a pun?), taxing them is probably better for their own health and safety.

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