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18 charged in the gang rape of 11 year old girl


Texan town comes undone…

In what has to be one of the most unparalled crimes of late, 18 boys and men ranging from the ages of 14 and 27 have been charged with the rape of a 11 year old girl this past Thanksgiving in Cleveland, Texas.

What makes this crime even more heinous is the fact that mobile footage of the incident then began to make the rounds at school.

dailymail.co.uk: A friend of the alleged victim alerted school officials December 1 after recognising her friend engaged in sexual acts in a video.

It is alleged that the victim was invited to join one of the suspects in a mobile home, before other men were invited in, including a relative of the man who owned the mobile home.

Invited to join? Join for what? Had the suspect purposely lured her there for the sole purpose of sex, or did the suspect interpret the willingness of the young girl to go the mobile home as an implicit agreement on her part that more would soon follow…?

Sherry Fletcher, whose 20-year-old son Devo Shaun Green is among those charged, spoke to the network about her son’s arrest. She said: ‘It just seems like a dream.

‘I just hope everything comes out well, because some of these kids are innocent.’

A dream? Innocent? If some of the suspects are indeed innocent, why didn’t any of them intervene in the, or even speak out to out authorities? Was this an innocent dream that was suppose to be kept secret amongst a kindred collective, and if so why were phone mobile recordings of the event beginning to make the circuit? Was this a way to perpetrate the crime in perpetuity, allow the brotherhood to bond in a way that they could never have imagined or was this just the incessant behavior of a pack gang that knew no boundaries?

Due to the sheer number of arrests, the case has divided the community, with local people not sure who will be arrested next.

Police have stressed that the investigation is ongoing and have not ruled out further breakthroughs and more arrests before the case comes to trial.

Some of those charged are from local Cleveland high school, while all 18 are understood to be from the town.

And what of the girl and her family?

The victim is thought to have been taken away from her mother and relatives and put into protective care for her own safety.

Speaking to the Houston Chronicle, the alleged victim’s mother said she had been advised to move from the area due to the pressure of the trial.

Thanksgiving it seems for one community will never be the same again ever again…



  1. @ Tami,
    Give me a break. Have you looked into the trashy criminal stuff the Aryan Brotherhood does in the area. Criminals come in all colors. I agree that what these men did is horrible, and I hope that the they are punished severely for their actions, but do not try to turn this into a racial thing. I have seen equally horrible crimes perpetrated by all races.

  2. what a parcel of fine young cannibals……. hope bob dylan writes a song to get them freed…

  3. see a pattern here? each one is black. Blacks are criminals, plain and simple. Not the color of the skin, but the condition of the heart. there is a reason people dislike blacks. It is what it is.

  4. Are all these people cousins or something?

    A few short excerpts
    the men and boys accused in this crime include high school star athletes, the son of an elected leader, and older men with criminal records.

    he most recent arrests took place on March 4. Four students , including two members of the Cleveland High School basketball team, were arrested.

    The high school basketball team is coached by the younger brother of Cleveland’s assistant police chief. As the boys made their first court appearance at the Liberty County Courthouse, Assistant Police Chief Darrel Broussard shot down rumors that his investigators waited until basketball season was over before they arrested his brother’s players.


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