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Voodoo sex romp leads to entire house burning down


Imagine explaining to your friends and family that you are currently homeless, or in one supremely unfortunate case, dead, because of a Voodoo sex romp in your neighborhood…

It all started when Nelson (Pepe) Pierre took $300 from a woman to perform a mystic ceremony bad decision that promised to change her life on fateful night in Brooklyn.

NY Daily News : The woman came to Pierre’s fourth-floor apartment in Flatbush on Feb. 19 and wound up in a bedroom. Pierre, known as a hougan – or a voodoo priest – surrounded the bed with candles and carefully lit each one. The details of the actual ceremony weren’t immediately clear, but sources said the good-luck ritual led to sex. 

That’s when the real magic began…

As Pierre and the unidentified woman steamed up the top of the bed, flames from some of the candles ignited the sheets. Recently shed clothes strewn about the floor also went up in flames, sources said.

But in all of his infinite Voodoo wisdom, Priest Pepe thought he could put out the literal fire by himself instead of calling 911.

Exacerbating the situation, as fire started to sweep the apartment, a diligent ignorant roommate, casually ironing a pair of pants, smelling smoke, made the mistake of opening a window on the brutally windy day…

He opened a window and a door leading to the building’s hallway. Then he went back to ironing, the sources said. That created wind gusts that “shot the flames back inside, creating a blowtorch effect,” fire officials said.

Police went on to say, it turned a manageable fire into “an inferno”. 

“This fire had so many of those elements – candles left on the floor near combustible material, one of the occupants trying to douse the flames before calling 911, and an open door, which allowed fire to spread into the hallway,” Cassano said. “Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.” 

Or at least learn that a seedy ad offering to “magically” change your whole entire life will, almost always, end up in utter, and tragic, failure.