Home Scandal and Gossip Cops bust daycare with crack cocaine and sex toys.

Cops bust daycare with crack cocaine and sex toys.


Do you know where your children are?

If Pittsburgh parents were surveyed on the things they’d least like to find at their child’s daycare facility, we’re sure they would have named everything on this children’s center’s list of criminal offenses… shall we begin?

NY Daily News : A daycare provider in Pittsburgh was arrested after a police raid found sex toys, crack and pornography in the children’s playroom.Cops told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that they found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine in the early morning raid and took Reanell Booker, who ran R&B Childcare Services, into custody. 

The early morning raid took place after a month-long investigation of the 50-year-old childcare provider. Reanell is accused of selling drugs out of the center that was under the guise of being a daycare.

 “I just think it’s crazy,” one parent told WPXI. “I don’t know where I’m going to send my kids now.” 

Excuse us for a second, all you’ve got to say is that’s crazy? Crazy is the woman walking down your street, shuffling in her bathrobe with an empty cart talking to her imaginary cat Fluffy. What Reanell Booker did was nothing short of absolute repulsion; because what kind of person would actually go out of their way to harm the innocent children they are supposed to be protecting to make a few extra bucks?

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