Home Scandal and Gossip Teenage student sells virginity online to fund tuition.

Teenage student sells virginity online to fund tuition.


Will a handjob at least pay first semester?

In an indication of how dire the challenges of meeting university costs has become, one anonymous female student has posted a link making her virginity available on popular website ‘The Student Rooms.’ To date the link has attracted 92 posts from fellow students.

telegraph.co.uk: “I’m a 1st year student at a good uni. My family aren’t that well off and I’d like money to fund my studies/give me more opportunities/options in life.”

She goes on to say that she is a ‘quite attractive’ 18-year-old, adding that she is a slim blonde with a bust size of 32DD and has ‘a pretty face (apparently)’.

What’s not discussed, pretty face or not – is will future employers be keen to give her a job if and when they should find out that this student has sold her virginity for the sake of paying her tuition. After all, if she can sell her virginity, what else is she willing or capable of selling? Never mind the possible negative stigma if her identity was ever revealed….

The desperate teen adds: “How much do you think I’d get. Also, would I be able to keep it quite quiet.”

A total of 92 students posted comments about the auction, many telling her not to do it and others saying she should expect a minimum of £2,000.

Perhaps the real question she ought to be asking herself is- ‘will other people be able to keep it secret?’

As for the 2000 pounds – isn’t that what a top of the line prostitute is paid in exchange for her services?

One student, calling himself Ritchie888, tells her: “While you’re at it, sell your soul.”

She responds by saying: “It’s a commodity. So it’s better to lose it on a ONS (one night stand) to some randomer in a drunken haze then profit from it?”

Perhaps, but will she be able to live with the notion her first defining moment of sexuality and intimacy is defined by mercantilism?

Another student, calling himself Three Mile Sprint, states: “Go for it, it’s your body and if you stand to make a profit on something your not emotionally attached to then by all means do it.

“There are specialist markets and such for it, generally the price is around the £2,000 mark.”

Of course is ‘our’ student emotionally detached to her intimate self, and if so- for how long? But then again if one comes from a poor family, with little time to earn income outside of work should we as a society really make a scene? And then again if we are offended, why don’t we do more for such financially impoverished students?

Another student, calling herself ChaoticSkills, said: “If you have very little self respect for yourself then you are more than likely to do it. Just because your family is poor doesn’t mean you have to resort to such extremes.

But then again who is anyone to judge? Perhaps for all we know the parents of ChaoticSkills sell dangerous items to third world nations or devise clever financial instruments that see them earning the big bucks when things work out and the government eating the losses when they don’t. At least to date the government hasn’t begun to auction one’s virginity. 

And then there was this comment: 

“As a virgin do you honestly want your first sexual experience to be purely based on financial gain? “The sort of men who pay for sex do not see the person they are sleeping with as a person, they see them as an object thats been bought and paid for and therefore do not care about the way that YOU feel during the sexual experience.

 “They have paid for YOU to please THEM not vice versa. Do not expect any kind of support during what will undoubtedly be a nerve wrecking and sensitive experience.”

Which begs us to wonder if so many of these individuals are concerned about this woman’s vulnerability why aren’ t they concerned enough to find ways to make sure women in her financial peril are acceded enough financial advantages? Which is to say, when they are supposing she will be squeamish and hating themselves perhaps they really ought to admit it’s how they would feel if they were poor or forced to consider some unsavory acts to maintain one’s ability to operate in the system at hand.