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Students in second grade classroom have oral sex in front of teacher.


In our modern world, there is a new reason Why Johnny Can’t Read, it’s no longer because he needs to be learning to read his words phonetically, today, it’s a much more salacious reason; Johnny Can’t Read because he’s distracted by Suzie giving him a blowjob under his desk, without his teacher even noticing.

Perez Hilton: A second-grade teacher in an Oakland elementary school has been placed on administrative leave after it was discovered that two of his students had engaged in oral sex DURING class last week, and he failed to notice.

Students have also come forward to admit that on a second, separate occasion, he once again didn’t realize that various children were taking off articles of clothing in front of him.

Oral sex and strip-tease romps in the classroom? This scenario sounds more like the next installment of straight-to-DVD American Pie than a second grade class…

According to the school district, they first caught wind of the incidents midweek last week, and have begun conducting interviews with his students to verify the report.

While details remain vague, school spokesperson Tony Flint explained: “We believe the substance of the story is true.”

If these incidents did actually happen, we’ve got a lot more to worry about than standardized test scores in this country, now we’ve got live child pornography taking place during class in public schools.

What would you grade that?

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