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Launch party for Dirty Vegas’s new Album: Electric Love



Dirty Vegas, a British deep house music trio, spun this past Wednesday, at the W Hotel, on Lexington. Energetic, lively and provocative beats, generated by Paul Harris, Ben Harris and Steve Smith, the vocalist, they kept the crowd and champagne bubbly and warm, well past midnight. A blizzard struck and shut down all the clubs in Manhattan, but dirty Vegas animated the night.
Promoting their newest album, “Electric Love”—the group broke up in 2003, and got back together, 2008. Their second album “One” came out in 2004. Now our favorite song is “Electric Love.” It has a hooky chorus.” Their album was #1, for many weeks back then—and there is no doubt in the group or attendees’ minds, that “Electric Love” will soon hit the charts.
             Photography by Tom Concordia of runwayresource.net

 Grammy award winning musicians, Dirty Vegas is best known for their bestselling 2002 single, “Days Go By”. “That was ten years ago,” notes Paul. “We were young DJ’s, just getting going. It was featured on a Mitsubishi Television commercial, and made it to the United Kingdom’s top 20. When asked why they named themselves, “Dirty Vegas,” Paul noted that they originally called themselves ‘dirty Harry’. “We weren’t allowed to use that, so we had to choose another title in 24 hours, and chose Dirty Vegas!” Known for remixing other artists’ songs, the title is certainly fitting.

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