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Heaux Confessionals: How I broke my last male lover in…


From Berlin with calculated love….The Editor.

And it’s not like I have not heard this line before…

“I’ve never slept with a black man before.”

But somehow, in Turkey, I feel more of a need to bring them into the black fold, so to speak. And since I narrowly missed a sexcapade with a beautiful Negress visiting here from the States the last few days that was here on a vacation…


I was ready to burst! Now, I usually don’t date so young, but in my limited sexperience with Turks, I had come to realize that you had to strike while they were young because the newer batch didn’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone thought.

They wanted to fuck.

And in Turkey, when the Turkish want something, they want it then. Right then and there. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. It is all about them. But this time, being selfish had its benefits.

At least for me.

So after weeks of flirting and near misses, I receive a message from Kaan, a possible Turkish heauxtential of which I did not have in abundance. Not that I had much of abundance in any nation at present, but I digress…

“I want to see you now!”, he shouted into my phone as I sat in my living room of my loft. 

“I can’t see you now”, I replied. Just how dire was his desire? Even though it was feasibly possible to make myself available to him in a matter of minutes, I was not going out like that. He needed to know I was not that desperate.

“When then?” I looked for the time. Before I could answer, he answered. “Seven-thirty, ok?”

It was seven-eleven. Talk about convenience shopping. 

I looked around my room and determined that trick-ready status was mere minutes away so the there was no need to possibly 86 this 69.



And why would I say no to Kaan? He met all the heauxtential requirements I had for a Turkish lover and then some. Simply put?


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