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Couple’s lustful evening of booze and topless dancers abruptly ends when they try to flee $5000 bill.


Wouldn’t life be easier if you could just accept watching episodes of debauchery on TV as opposed to having to actually live and pay for them?

Have you ever wanted to have yourself a lush, naughty evening, even if you knew you couldn’ t come up with the funds that such excursions to sin city cost? Well, that hardly mattered to one couple, Micah Lester Boswell and Eizabeth Ann Stewardson from Texas.

First stop – the Men’s Club of Dallas. Feeling thirsty? Me too. Why not drink a bottle of the joint’s finest champagne?- Great idea! Order bottle of Perrier -Jouet champagne. Mmh, delicious.  I think we could use 3 more of these.  Feel like a strip dance? Yes. Me too! And soon they were ordering strip dances. Hungry? Yes, very. Let’s get a ‘roman orgy.’ TIme to pay for the bill? Oh but we don’ t have any money. What to do?

dailymail.co.uk: A no doubt charming waitress at the Men’s club brought the pair the bill, which came to more than $5,000.

Boswell, being a gentlemen, tried to cover the lot on his credit card, but he had insufficient funds.

When Stewardson’s card was also declined the pair decided on the only course of action that they could think of after four bottles of champagne: make a run for it.

Oh dear, the midnight ‘I’ve got no money and don’t feel like washing the dishes’ time to run move. Who hasn’t once thought about bolting after an ugly bill came to the table? But then again it seems the couple never had any intention of paying for their accoutrements from the very get go. But at least the bitches will have one heck of a story once they get out of jail.

the pair owed: $1,460 for four bottles of champagne; $3,600 for four hours worth of dances; $25 for four bottles of Fiji water; and $25 for food. 

One day deep into the future when Micah and Elizabeth are standing outside of a gentleman’s club, they will think to themselves if they should enter when it suddenly occurs to them to take off their clothes, an empty coffee cup and announce to passer bys that they are willing to strip dance for any money you feel you’d like to donate, but if push comes to shove they wouldn’t mind your credit card and a bottle of the finest champagne on the house.