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PhD student jailed for murdering and eating his prostitute victims.


‘I had a civil war going on in my head…’

Stephen Griffiths, an English Phd student, also known as the Crossbow Cannibal has been sentenced to life imprisonment after admitting in court that he had killed 3 prostitutes he had lured to his flat in the red light district of Bradford, England in which he lived.

UK Telegraph: Stephen Griffiths pleaded guilty to murdering Suzanne Blamires, 36, by firing a crossbow bolt into her head when she tried to run away from him in May this year.

He also admitted murdering Shelley Armitage, 31, and Susan Rushworth, 43, but police believe he might also be responsible for three unsolved murders after he indicated in an interview that he had killed six women in total.

He claimed he had cooked and eaten parts of his first two victims, boiling one in a pot, and ate the third one raw.

Ate the third one raw? Which begs the question what could possibly have inspired Mr Griffiths to this degree of treachery? His dislike for women, a past or even current humiliation or the perverse desire to embody them whole at least in death and perpetuity if he could not in reality? Or just simply a perverse fascination of how far he could go with easy targets waltzing directly outside his door- targets that supposedly society should and doesn’t feel too much apathy for….

The judge told the court the defendant’s mental health had been carefully examined and there was “no question that he was fit to plead”.

Prosecuting, Robert Smith QC said Griffiths had admitted to killing Ms Blamires in the flat and dismembering her by hand, while power tools had been used on the other victims.

“It was just a slaughterhouse in the bathtub,” he told officers.

He told police he was studying for a PhD in homicide and he had “cut himself off from society” and a “civil war” was going on in his head.

A PhD in homicide? Had the aspiring detective so carefully fooled himself in believing that he too could now become the abuser as well as the investigator? Or better still was Mr Griffiths desire to undertake a PhD in homicide a fervent determination to role play at his own fascination with death? What better way to study homicide one could argue than by committing it at the most heinous level?

How heinous you wonder? It only gets graphically more morbid, so brace yourselves…

Mr Smith also told the court 81 different pieces of Ms Blamires were found in or by the River Aire in Shipley. A broken knife and a crossbow bolt were embedded in her severed head.

Family members sobbed in court as the prosecutor revealed gruesome details of the murders.

And then this:

Griffiths videoed another of the killings on his mobile phone, the Daily Telegraph has learnt.

It showed a dead woman thought to be Miss Armitage, naked in a bath and also “hog-tied” on cushions with her hands tied behind her. She had been sprayed with black paint with the words “My Sex Slave” on her back.

Griffiths gave a running commentary saying: “I am Ven Pariah, I am the Bloodbath Artist. Here’s a model who is assisting me.”

Commentary which perhaps hints at the depth of the ‘civil discord’ that even Mr Griffiths was acutely aware of ;

The previous night he had written on his MySpace social networking page, under the unexplained pseudonym Ven Pariah, that he had “finally emerged into the world”.

Griffiths wrote: “What will this pseudo-human do, one wonders. Poor Stephen, pretended to be me, but he was only the wrapping.

“He knew towards the end, that I supplied the inner core of iron. Hatred Bound Tightly In Flesh. At very long last, the time has come to act out.”

Which begs the question- what perhaps makes this crime equally repugnant isn’t just the physical manifestation of its acts but the perpetration of a seemingly intelligent man (who society would normally honor) into a type of moral abyss, an abyss that most of us don’t need a PhD in homicide to venture in, but for people like Mr Griffiths his duplicity in such a crime was the extension of his dual character and conflicted being- even if one of that beings happened to be the one earning a PhD in the very crimes that the other half was perpetrating then and there in gruesome and virtual public fantasy.