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X-Factor Contestant Katie Waissel In Shock Upon Discovering that Her 81-Year-Old Grandmother is a Prostitute Charging £250 an Hour


Despite a hot new haircut and recently delivering what has been called her best performance of the hit Brit series, X-Factor contestant Katie Waissel is reportedly ‘absolutely devastated’ after hearing that her ‘favorite’ grandmother, 81-year-old Sheila Vogel, has been whoring herself out at £250 an hour via Vintage Vamps, an escort website catering to men whose have a fetish for granny sex ‘mature courtesans.’

Calling herself Cecilia Bird, the ‘high class escort’ who will soon be turning 82 can be viewed in ‘flirty’ photos wearing see-through fishnets and posing with a handbag, a white feather, and an assortment of  chairs to entice customers with her slightly-used sexual wares.

‘Cecilia,’ who frequents the gym to keep fit and maintains an active lifestyle boasts on her profile: ‘Beneath my conservative exterior lurks the secret passion to meet up with like-minded gentlemen to share the taste of forbidden fruits.’

Which has us wondering even if ‘Cecilia Bird,’ is the bane of forbidden fruit and the real life grandmother  of a reality-tv pseudo celebrity, are we too believe that somehow this serves to mar the X factor contestant or perversely does it make her larger than life in lieu of the fact that what we are watching isn’t necessarily reserved for what happens on stage, but far from stage- albeit on a more insidious stage…?

Which is to say what happens on stage, hardly matters because increasingly we are being teased by the heightened excitement of knowing that anything can happen not just when a show is on, but at any time at all – thus creating a form of entertainment which not only occurs onstage or during the ‘safe’ and pre-planned hours but completely eradicates the tradition of the stage altogether, thereby setting anyone up as  a potential actor or star?



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