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Transexual Woman Impersonates Plastic Surgeon to Gives Breast Exams in Nightclub


No need to schedule an appointment…

37-year-old male-to-female post-op transsexual Kristina Ross was arrested by Idaho police for posing as a plastic surgeon so she could feel up all the ladyparts of liquored up nightclub-going strangers, saying she was giving free bar-room breast examinations Kristina Ross.

Victims say Ross tricked them by using medical jargon – which she most likely learned during her own breast augmentation – and even gave them the number of a real surgeon so they could schedule a follow up appointment.

The Daily Mail reported: Her cover was blown when prospective patients kept calling a Boise, Idaho, licensed cosmetic surgeon’s office asking to see a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna. (We’re guessing that spelling reflects her drunk pronunciation.)

Though she probably thought she was safe since she gave her victims an all but unpronounceable name (try saying it out loud), eventually the office got called so many times that the police were notified.

Cops found Ross after interviewing a woman who’d “been trying to contact the fake doctor after her initial ‘evaluation’ for breast implants.”

It wasn’t until booking that police discovered what would have taken the TSA only seconds: Ross, whom had served a 2004 prison for aggravated battery (apparently someone refused one of her exams), had her gender listed ‘male to female.’ Now our wannabe doctor has been charged with a felony for practicing medicine without a license.

Maybe she should’ve just done it on the dancefloor, she could’ve said that she was Dr. Love.

  • Stephani

    I am not trying to negate the facts , this woman ( she’s post-op ) Yes may have some issues that needed to be worked through alittle more with her therapist is a woman , I am courious if this Author has really done any real investigation into the transition process and lives of Transexuals , I would suspect the answer to be No , Did she commit a fraude yes she did but the use of such sliring statements against her and as I see it against every other individual that suffers from G.I.D. is and was uncalled for . I ask you to please do a little more research on your subjects and their cercomstances before you start tossing out backhanded slirs .

    I agree with the 1st responce , it does make you stop and wonder about the Ladies involved in the supposed Gropings , I would believe they need some counciling as well as to their low self esteams , and issues with letting another woman Examin them within a Bar . ( head shakes with dismay ).

  • Is it just me, or is the only thing more bizarre than this man/woman’s scam, the fact that bar patrons would agree to it? I’m just sayin…