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Teenage daughter sold as a sex slave in exchange for a used car


What is a used car worth?

Out of France today comes the horrendous story of a young woman at this moment only identified as Sabrina who was sold by her family as a locked up sex slave in exchange for a used car. Unbelievable you think? Tell that to the French courts who are up in arms…

DailyMirror.Co.UK: A couple ‘traded in’ their daughter for a used car to another family who used her as a domestic slave for three years, a court in France heard today.

The 23-year-old woman was sold for £600 ‘part-exchange’ for a second-hand hatchback, then subjected to sexual and physical abuse between 2003 to 2006 at a travellers’ camp outside Paris, it is alleged.

600 pounds? There are some girls who earn that willingly in one evening, let alone against their will and for 3 years. Putting aside the money and the access to the ‘hatchback,’ one has to wonder what could have prompted the accused family (assuming they are indeed complicit) to such a nefarious arrangement? Could one even assume they had no preconceived understanding of what they were doing or was this a calculated act with complete disregard to their daughter’s well being?

The daughter, named only as Sabrina, was sold to Franck Franoux, 58, and his partner Florence Carrasco, 56, in return for the car, then made to live chained up in a squalid shed.

She was burned with an iron and cigarette ends, made to look after their seven children, beaten with iron bars and sticks and hired out for sex to other men.

When she finally fell critically ill, she was dumped outside a Paris hospital, with no teeth left and weighing less than six stone, the court was told.

Even if the couple who sold their daughter had no idea of what awaited her, one still has to marvel at the behavior of her captors and their complete disregard of life and their abysmal treatment of another human being who has been raped physically, psychology, metaphorically and indeed existentially. Assuming she was even aware that she was still at certain moments during her depraved torture ‘alive.’ Never mind what that word means in the context of the above arrangements…

A police source told France’s Le Post online newspaper: ‘She was in a deplorable physical and psychological state. ‘She needed reconstructive operations on her nose and ears, which had been mutilated.

“It took her a year to recover from her ordeal and she will bear the physical and mental scars all her life.’

Who will also bear the scars are her parents, her tormentors and to some part the community who failed to intervene when it must have become apparent that her absence was rather prolonged. So much for used hatchbacks…