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Sex Toys Now Available Via Drive-Thru

Pleasures-'Isn't it time you made your driving experience a more pleasant one?'

Pleasures-'Isn't it time you made your driving experience a more pleasant one?'

Looking to discreetly purchase a doubled-ended vibrating dildo bash investigating police officers over the head with? Or maybe just one to ahem, pleasure yourself with while you’re driving along the freeway?

Then if you find yourself in Alabama make sure to stop by ‘Pleasures,’ the state’s new “one-stop drive-thru romance shop” where the customer is always horny and there’s (probably) a guaranteed orgasm with every single order.

Pleasures’ owner and come crusader Sherri Williams opted to open the store after riding her sex toys to pseudo-notoriety for suing the state when it tried to put a ban on selling certain types of dirty love devices.

Now, in an even more assertive attempt to, well,  stick it to the man, the sex shop owner has decided to spread her… influence, by opening a new store at what is said to be one of Huntsville’s busiest intersections –  this one ready to service all comers by the droves with the help of its three lane drive-thru window.

Though it certainly sounds like they’re locked, loaded, and ready to party, “The real essence of what I’m trying to get across is adult stores don’t have to be hidden in back alleys,” said Williams.

Some have even speculated that by making buying sex toys more anonymous and less embarrassing Williams could even sway public opinion, by stimulating private parts as well as conversations.

As one customer conceded, “there’s a lot of people that stand up against something like this who really would use it, if they weren’t afraid of other people seeing them.”

Who knows,with anonymity like that they might even end up attracting politicians…But still, isn’t an easier way to hide being sexually depraved active a far cry from supposed sexual liberation?

Anyone up for a Sunday drive down to Alabama?