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Mother Kills 4 year old Daughter to Save Her From Being Sold on the Internet as a Sex Slave


Fearing that her daughter Magdalene would be sold as a sex slave on the internet, Marci West allegedly fed her 4-year-old daughter sleeping pills then, as the Daily Mail reported, “butchered her with such ferocity that she almost severed her head” with a 4-inch folding knife, found at the scene.

The 43-year-old Chicago mother then reportedly scrawled the words ‘divine mercy’ across the bathroom wall in her daughter’s blood before cutting her wrists and slashing her neck. The gruesome cuts can be clearly seen in the booking photographs.

West, whom is being held at $5million bond had been in a custody dispute with the murdered child’s father and will undergoing mental health examinations to ensure she’s fit to stand trial.  Sources say the child ‘”may have awoken’  during the attack in which a single cut severed her oesophagus and touched her spine.”

But sane or not, why would one attempt to save her child from unspeakable sexual horrors by committing even more ghastly, though not overtly sexual, ones herself?

While it seems at first absurd that what qualifies as ‘divine mercy’ is identical to the most sickening of all possible savagery, isn’t this on par with with the torturous crimes so often throughout history, from the Aztecs to the Inquisition, done in the name of the divine? And why is it that the two anti-social archetypes of saint and sex murderer seem to so often intertwine?