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Teens Have Safer Sex Than Adults


A friendly Monday Public Safety survey describing the sexual activities of Americans as old as 94 and as young as 14 found that, surprise, no one has safer sex than teens.

The peer-reviewed survey, which describes 41 fun sexual activities, “said many teens reach age 18 with no sexual experience, and for those who do have sex, condom use is routine. Moreover, “In this study, somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of adolescents reported condom use at their most recent vaginal intercourse,” according to sex researcher Dr. Dennis Fortenberry (who, as luck would have it, is something like one syllable away from a properly porno-sounding professional name.)

Though, it should perhaps all be taken with a drop of lube grain of salt when considering that while the survey says: “While vaginal intercourse is still the most common sexual behavior by adults, many sexual events do not involve intercourse,” Indiana University researcher Debra Herbenick, an expert in women’s sexual health, told a telephone briefing.

Which is kind of more surprising, if only because at first it sounds a bit like uber-feminist propagandizing… but, of course, it only means that anal is slowly gaining viability as a respectable sexual practice. As our favorite Dr. Fortenberry says (if slightly out of context): “This indicates we’ve had a real public health success that we need to acknowledge.” Assuming of course you are into endorsing those other preferred sexual tacts…

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