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Man Tortures His Ex-Girlfriend, Stops for Consensual Sex, Board Games, and Barbecue


In what could well be the most dysfunctional weekend fling in online weird-news history, an unnamed Brisbane man kidnapped and tortured his ex-lover, pausing only so the couple could have “consensual sex on one occasion, [host] a barbecue,” and, intermittently, “[play] board games before the man would continue his assault.”

Reportedly, the 38-year-old man with a history of abuse once again became enraged upon hearing that his 39-year-old ex had begun a new relationship — so much so that he decided to spring for one last violent weekend getaway. What’s most disconcerting about the situation, and also most telling about the nature of their relationship, is that somehow within the backdrop of a potentially fatal four day torture session a sense of normalcy began to creep in…

AZ Central: The court was told he subjected her to systematic and degrading assaults, punching and urinating on her, threatening her with knives and a meat cleaver, and sexually abusing her with a baseball bat.

The abuse occasionally ceased so the pair could engage in what Judge Richard Jones described as “bizarre episodes of consensual socialising”.

A kind of Stockholm Syndrome, no doubt, but we all know nothing can be more torturous than being forced into awkwardly socializing with an ex-lover (especially when you don’t even want to be there).

But what is it about the numbing force of repetition that allows some of us to construe even rape, torture, and the imminent threat of death not only as momentarily normal, but as some odd experience that resembles having fun? Isn’t this the case for so much of domesticity — as the daily repetition grows increasingly torturous, we grow proportionately numb?

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