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Angry Parents Withdraw Student From Milanese School Because the Teacher is ‘Too Sexy’


Not everyone is hot for the teacher in Milano: the pedagogical presence of Illeana Tacconelli, a former runner up for the title of Miss Italy, so intimidated one set of parents that they withdrew their daughter from her classroom, claiming the teacher was ‘too sexy.’

Allegedly, the parents were first alerted to the teaching stopping power of Tacconnelli’s breasts when “racy photographs and video footage of her were posted on the internet.” Now they’re saying the Catholic schoolteacher is “too attractive and a distraction.” It’s not hard to understand their objection: How can anyone get around learning, when they’re too busy fantasizing?

, who is said to have ‘three degrees’ (though in what I wasn’t able to find exactly) responded saying: ‘All I will say is that if I had wanted to be a model or a showgirl I would have done it when I was younger and prettier.

‘When I heard about it I was so surprised but all the other parents and the teachers have given me their support – they have even set up a fan club for me which is very sweet.’

What a strange limbo it must be: not quite attractive enough to support oneself by accumulating fanclubs (even if not on Facebook) or through ‘part-time modeling’ but too sexy for a life of normalcy. Let’s hope she doesn’t get fired and have to go support herself by becoming the next mistress of Silvio Berlusconi.

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