Home Scandal and Gossip Spanish man casually lugs his decapitated girlfriend’s head to the bar.

Spanish man casually lugs his decapitated girlfriend’s head to the bar.


Next time you see a plastic bag with blood spilling out of it fear the worst…

Here’s one of those uncanny situations one never quite knows what to do when they happen in real life, or rather when they happen when you just happen to be around it while it’s happening…

Rawstory: CORDOBA, SPAIN — A Spanish man calmly drank beer with his mates in a bar with his murdered girlfriend’s head in a bag, according to newspaper reports.

After leaving the bar on Sunday, the 34-year-old climbed an electrical tower, was hit by a shock and plunged 30 metres to the ground, dying that evening in hospital.

According to a report in the ABC daily newspaper, citing witnesses, the man told friends in the bar in Cordoba, southern Spain, that he had decapitated his 30-year-old partner.

Would you like us to rewind that for you. The guy walks into the bar, cool as cucumber, proceeds to talk about the crickets, his suntan, the head on his beer and oh the decapitated head of his girlfriend in the plastic bag to the left of hid Heineken. You probably even let him buy you a round or two…

But he was so calm they did not believe him, despite bloodstains on his shirt.

“A while later when several customers left the bar and saw a pool of blood in the road, they immediately realised this was not a macabre joke. Horrified, they discovered a bag near the bar, inside of which was the victim’s head,” the ABC daily said.

So there you are walking out on the street, probably loaded, noticing all these blood drops and part of you begins to wonder – ‘Tell me this isn’t true, tell me that’s not someone’s decapitated head’s blood drops up and down the driveway?’

Police confirmed they had found the woman’s body with knife wounds, and that her suspected killer, identified only by his initials MRTR, had fallen from the electrical tower, later dying in a Cordoba hospital.

As our dear friend Samuel Beckett once said: “Madness isn’t what happens around you, its’ the way you perceive things around you…”