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Man Replaces Girlfriend with Sex Doll Replica.


It is perhaps one of those so-called ‘signs of the times’ that new levels of relationship perfection were achieved this week when an unnamed businessman described only as “SEX-starved” decided to replace his ex-girlfriend with an exact, and fully functional, $18,000 sex-doll replica of her after having been dumped by her.

News.com.au: The 50-year-old man put together a collection of photos of his ex and told Italian adult toymaker Diego Bortolin: “I want it just like her but with bigger boobs”, Italy’s Il Messaggero newspaper said.

Calling her “the perfect girlfriend” as a result of her new additions (enhanced T&A) and deductions (ability to speak), Bortolin explains that he usually charges around $US5000 for the dolls, but that this particular project was more expensive “because we had to replicate everything, right down to the shape of her nails and teeth.

But why go to such absurd lengths in a quest for absolute perfection only to then completely shatter that careful verisimilitude with the unrealistic additions of gazongas that would most likely make even Heidi Montag shutter jealous?

Isn’t this indicative of our current love for representation over the ‘real’ thing, despite our protestations otherwise?

One cannot help but wonder if the smirking addition of such idealized exaggerations somehow makes an experience more real not objectively, but by allowing us to achieve a more intense level of self-delusion and performativity.

As Samuel Beckett, the famous absurdist playwright once said; “tragedy is the moment you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

I’m still trying to figure out which one I want to do…

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