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Internet Sperm Smuggling Ring Busted.


Everybody with the necessary moneymaker for it has at least considered ‘donating’ a few ropes of sperm to the local masturbation bank for the extra beer bucks, but today two Brits stand “accused of earning 250,000 pounds ($385,895) by running a Web site that provided women who wanted to conceive with access to anonymous sperm donors” without the necessary permit.

The BBC reports the duo, Ricky Gage and Nigel Woodforth, operated under the name ‘Fertility First.’

The racket ran like this:

Clients were allowed to choose the ethnicity, height, hair colour and even hobbies of the sperm donor they wanted to use.

The prosecution said the women paid an £80 joining fee and £300 to use the service before being given access to details of anonymous donors.

Once selected, a delivery of the donor’s sperm was arranged, at a cost of £150, through a courier firm, the court was told.

According to court, the company proffered 250,000 pounds of blood cum money on a meager ’792 deliveries’ of what it called ‘life changing opportunities’ (what a euphemism) before being caught in the act, so to speak, by, who else, but undercover police.

The BBC reports the cops first got turned on to the company’s sleazy semen shipping when one woman complained that she’d received “the sperm…but did not get pregnant.” (Perhaps nobody had informed her she had to insert it?)

Which has us wondering: If a woman wants an anonymous man’s sperm in her body, why not save herself the money and at least coax the gentle lad into paying for a few martinis first?

Source: Azcentral

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