Home Scandal and Gossip Video:NYPD undercover cop threatens cameraman with rape.

Video:NYPD undercover cop threatens cameraman with rape.


Police officers are acting like criminals…

A police raid has suddenly become the talk of town…

Gothamist: Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, the NYPD raided Surreal Estate, an underground party club in Bushwick. Witnesses say that when police arrived, the hosts refused to let them in, demanding to see a warrant. The police then forcibly entered by kicking down doors and breaking through windows. Once inside, some attendees say police unleashed pepper spray. We’re told ten arrests were made and nine were charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration (among other charges), but the real fun happened outside, when camera gadfly Vladimir Teichberg pestered an anachronistically dressed plainclothes cop, who promised Teichberg he’d be raped in jail if he didn’t disperse.

Watch the horrific tape and ask yourself the following question – “At what point does a police officer become the thing he is supposed to guard society from?”

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