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Made in China- Your brand new hyman!


Maintaining your virginity is now getting easier.

Have you ever thought to yourself ladies, ‘If only I had kept my virginity for the right one before just throwing it away?’ Well fortunately for those of you who live in China or are willing to get yourselves over there getting a second chance on ones virginity has just arrived.

Slate: Ever wanted a second chance at your first time? That’s an opportunity that’s available to an increasing number of Chinese women, as twentysomething women flock to surgeons’ offices for “hymen restoration.” The procedure is typically associated with Muslim countries (where it’s often illegal), but the Washington Post reports that it’s gaining popularity in China, where decades of economic growth haven’t been enough to eradicate “a deeply conservative, male-chauvinistic attitude.”

This ought to please all them chauvinistic males. After all what male doesn’t want to claim that he was the one who had first dibs on your divinity ladies? I’m sure as you read this you are all making traveling arrangements thinking – ” Now Brad will finally love me.”

And just out of curiosity, how much will your fake hymen cost you ladies?

The solution is not abstinence, but what one gynecologist calls a “white lie.” “We can fix it so everything is perfect,” the doctor says cheerfully. Most of her patients (she sees about 20 every month) are young women who are about to marry. They shell out $737 for the half-hour procedure, and their husbands are never the wiser. But there’s another, cheaper path toward “revirgination,” available wherever Chinese vibrators are sold: an “artificial hymen that, when inserted, purports to create a lifelike sensation for the man and emits fake blood when ruptured.”

Personally fake blood, fake hymens and white lies never really appealed to me. As long as you have been responsible in your sex life I’m yours, even if I might have to come up with some of my own white lies from time to time…

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