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‘I want to lick your butt’ note gets lawyer Chauncey M. Depew suspended


The fun they’re having in Kansas City…

This is one of them gems that tabloid trash writers like us salivate over. That of a ‘respected’ ( I do use that word loosely kids) getting themselves in a whole heap of trouble, well because they didn’t behave respectfully (whatever that words means as well…blah!). Curious? Well you better zip up your pants and follow us…because Chauncey M Depew has something he wants to show you

Legal Profession blog: The Kansas Supreme Court has suspended a judge pro tem for one year who engaged in sex-related misconduct toward court personnel. The misconduct involved inappropriate remarks and notes (“I want to lick your butt”and “You’re hot”), exposing his genitals to one employee and rubbing them in front of another, and sending a digital photograph of his penis from his mobile phone to still another court employee.

Kids, I don’t know about you but if my lawyer reached over and showed me his pecker and then leaned over with a touching note describing his desire to go to my inner sanctum I’d probably want to look for a jack hammer that would leave a loving impact on his inner sanctum. But that’s just me, some of you would probably go home and write a love letter back right?

Funny how we get touchy when someone in authority abuses their authority…but sadly it gets worse. Doesn’t it always…?

Five employees were victims of the behavior. One reported to another judge that the respondent had assisted her with a ticket and asked her what she could do in return. The respondent self-reported to disciplinary counsel shortly before the other judge did so.

What she should do in return? I think that’s obvious- right? Isn’t it a shame our collective friend Chauncey only got off with a one year suspension for something that is tantamount to sexual harassment? Just remember to bring your jack hammer next time you visit your doctor, lawyer or accountant. You never after all when you might need it.

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