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Georgia’s Natural Nails wants you to know that they will not serve your ‘fat ass.’


Kim Tran, owner of DeKalb County, Georgia’s Natural Nails, wants patrons to know, if you weigh more than 200 pounds, you won’t be serviced in her salon.

Styleite: Michelle Fonville noticed that the bill for her manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow waxing at Natural Nails in DeKalb County wasn’t quite adding up, and said as much to the salon manager. As Fonville told WSB TV, “She broke it down. And then she told me she charged me $5 more because I was overweight.”

The charge for being overweight is because Natural Nail’s salon chairs are only meant to hold patrons weighing up to 200 pounds; Kim Tran, the salon manager, said she charged Ms. Fonville an additional $5 because of the weight restriction on the chairs. Chairs, Tran said, could cost her up to $2400 to repair. She also says that she believes that what she is doing is not discrimination.

Tran claims that “if she had been here when Fonville first arrived, she would have taken one look at her and told her that she could not be serviced here.”

You hear that big beautiful women of Georgia? Kim Tran does not want to service you. She doesn’t think you fit in with her establishment.

We’re sorry, Michelle Fonville, but next time you’re just going to have to take your fat ass elsewhere.

  • PigFaceKathryn

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  • LA

    Hitan is a family member of Mrs. Tran.I think it is so sad how they treat people at the Asian own business.They take your money ,treat you like dirt ,and follow you around like you are going to take something.They have no respect for black people.I do not spend my money at places like that.If you do,then you like to get treated bad.As for that Hitan person,”Get A Life! ,because I know you ,and your Mother is real FAT.Would you like for someone to treat your FAT rice ,egg roll ,onion smelling Mother that way

  • JanSutton

    OK…hitan…you are stupid AND you don’t think we can tell who and what you are…grammar is the key to fitting in darling! As for the lady who received the pitiful service…they are right about one thing, take your business else ware! There are plenty of legitimate business owners who will notice the color of your money and treat you like a customer should be treated. This lady will be out of business soon!

  • hitan

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