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We can’t wait for the Real Homeless of New Jersey spinoff.


Residents of New Jersey, don’t waste your weekend trying to find a discounted settee or chandelier at your nearest housewares outlet. Just visit Real Housewife of New Jersey’s Theresa Giudice; she’s got millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise for you. Her bankruptcy auction, scheduled for August 22nd, will feature everything, and by everything we mean even the wedding rings off their fingers, she’s got to make back a few bucks of her 11 million dollar debt.

Ironically, in a scene from the show where Theresa is showcasing her new house, she proudly exclaims that her husband Joe built her the mansion because she couldn’t stand the thought of living in a house that someone else had already lived in. Now, Theresa wants you to buy all of her Tri-state treasures, so that she and Joe can stay out of prison long enough to turn their little darlings into Miss Teen USA’s, or the next Snooki, whichever comes first.

US Weekly: “I have moral support; I have my daughters and my husband. As long as we’re in good health, that’s all we can do. I think this kind of situation is all over the world.”

She thinks this situation is affecting people all over the world? A situation in which she invested in bad businesses, spent well beyond her means (to be considered for the RHONJ), and had her husband build her a new house because no carpet she had could have ever been previously stepped on?

Yep. That’s America, baby. Live it, love it, or leave.

Source: USmag