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Sticky Drama: The teenage gossip blog site run by pornographer Christopher Stone.


What do you do if you’re a pornographer/wannabe writer with no moral compass? You create the “celebrity” tabloid stickydrama.com, focused on tween e-celebs, and it’s, literally, slut-of-a-sister, stickynoodz.com—an amateur porn site, to beef up your writing street cred. Just ask Mr. Sticky himself, 31-year-old, Christopher Stone.

If you need any more indication that the Sticky Drama site is nothing more than a pathetic exploitation of internet-obsessed children; the site is a self proclaimed favorite of foul-mouthed internet “sensation,” 11-year-old, Jessi Slaughter.  Slaughter apparently had another YouTube worthy meltdown on Sticky Drama, in which she bitched about people lying about her sexual history.  We hope she didn’t send her father after them. It unfortunately, gets even worse than an 11-year-old’s (11!) sexual misadventures, however.

In 2009, Stone recorded a live-streaming rape on his computer, and then immediately blogged, and posted screen captures of it, it on Sticky Drama. In a post titled: “Here We Go Again: another Hock Sexual Assault,” Sticky pontificates:

Gawker: It’s well-established that John Hock can sexually assault girls and no one cares enough to arrest or prosecute him. And the victim, who is Hock’s girlfriend of 2 weeks, probably won’t even think it’s a big deal, although she might not appreciate being forwarded a bajillion screencaps of her pussy for the rest of her life.

What can one gather from that astute observation? Well apparently, Sticky has no phone (or common sense) to contact the authorities himself, when he has according to his post title, witnessed John Hock assaulting girls on multiple occasions.  Secondly, he’s too stupid, or self absorbed to consider his porn shots part of the “bajillion screencaps,” of the incapacitated victim, and lastly, and most unfortunately, some people truly are just savage predators.

How did 11 year old Jessi Slaughter become the internet punching bag?Jessi Slaughter lip singing ‘Pop the Glock,’ is too amazing. See video below.


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