Home Scandal and Gossip Rev. Kevin J. Gray busted for using church money on male escorts.

Rev. Kevin J. Gray busted for using church money on male escorts.


What did $1.3 million dollars buy Reverend Gray?

Welcome to the latest installment of church figures abusing their authority and trust for nefarious purposes. What purposes you wonder? Let’s read on….

Current news: NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A Roman Catholic priest in Connecticut was charged Tuesday with stealing $1.3 million in church money over seven years to use for male escorts, expensive clothing and luxury hotels and restaurants.

The Rev. Kevin J. Gray, former pastor at Sacred Heart/Sagrado Corazon Parish in Waterbury, was arrested and charged with first-degree larceny, Waterbury police said.

So much for decorum you wonder. But what tempted Reverend Gray in the first place and was there ever a moment where he felt a tinge of duplicity?

Gray, 64, used the money to stay at such hotels as the Waldorf-Astoria and on expensive clothing labels including Armani suits and Brooks Brothers, said Capt. Christopher Corbett. He also paid the college tuition and rent of two men he had met, Corbett said.

Which is a backhanded way of saying Reverend Gray admonished his guilt by taking particular care of two young men, who one would wonder took especially good care of Reverend Gray in return…if you catch our drift.

At least Reverend Grey will have some fond memories in jail. Let’s hope the young men he benefited will have the decency to visit him in jail, even if he doesn’t have any more money to take them out for that nice steak dinner or new Armani suit.

Don’t you wish you had a double life like Reverend Gray?

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