Home Scandal and Gossip Kathy Griffin calls Senator Scott Brown’s daughters prostitutes.

Kathy Griffin calls Senator Scott Brown’s daughters prostitutes.


Have comedians suddenly run out of jokes to use?

You know it must be summer when comedians resort to making jokes about not the politicians themselves but their immediate family members. Case in point today Kathy Griffin trying to be funny (well she was for a tenth of a second) when conversing with 2 CNN anchors, whom you know anything about life are scared to ever be funny or opinionated whilst on TV when she took out a picture of Senator Scott Brown and his two daughters – Ayla and Arriana and called them both hoes.

Of course 19 minutes later Kathy was laughing on the other side of her television mangled nostrils when she was forced to acknowledge that she was a dumb ass and essentially a tasteless good for nothing red neck who hasn’t got nothing better to do than metaphorically pour full bottles of moonshine over them Brown girls who only just finished wet nursing last weekend before daddy took out them on the political circuit and said these are my attractive teenage daughters which hopefully should convince you to vote for me when it comes to voting for me.

If you ask us Brown should have demanded he go on CNN and make fun of Griffin in front of 5 embarrassed anchors until all the moonshine in his jacket seeped on the floor. Now you know why we hate all politicians and TV media whores who suck up to anchors and the ratings seasons. In the end they’re all whores, well except for the kids maybe. Blah!

Source: Gawker

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