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Is Michael Lohan trying to sell nude photos of his ex fiancee Kate Major?


Things keep falling off the cliff for the Lohan clan.

The more we read about the Lohans the more we find ourselves numb to their ongoing travails. That said if you are a sucker for the gory details of Hollywood’s never ever ending saga of disbelief we proudly present the newest installment of “How to be Michael Lohan and not barf.” Please take out your barf bag now…

Gawker: A source tells us that Michael Lohan—who’s been accused of domestic assault by three ex-girlfriends—is attempting to sell nude photos of Kate Major, his ex fiancee who accused Lohan earlier this week of attacking her and threatening her life.

This photo, which was taken in April 2010, is part of a set that Lohan is now trying to unload to the highest bidder, a source in the industry who was propositioned tells us. It depicts Kate in bed with her breasts exposed and eyes closed. Her left hand rests against her face, displaying the diamond engagement ring Michael gave to her. It’s one of several that Lohan is hoping to sell, we’ve been told.

Is this Milo’s way of forever leaving fond memories of his ex? Is this Milo’s way of keeping the spotlight on the Lohan family now that his peaches and cream piece of work Lilo is locked behind bars? Is this Milo’s way of making sure he never gets laid by another human again? Or is it just simply Milo’s way to pay this month’s rent?

If Michael is indeed trying to sell the photos, he’s gone nuclear in his quest for vengeance. Nude images of an abused woman of dubious fame can’t be worth much money, and they certainly won’t help his defense on his domestic violence charges.

The photos may not be worth much to anyone in the real world, but somewhere some magazine editor is quickly doing the math and wondering how many more magazines they can sell this weekend. Personally, we think a picture of Milo with a fat lip courtesy of all the little traumatized kids who live down the street would sell for a lot more. Which leaves us to wonder how long it’s going to be before Milo ends up sharing a cell next door to his cutie pie Lilo?

Update: Major has responded to the story in a statement to Popeater.com: “Michael Lohan is a disgusting human being and father. He look these pictures of me when I was asleep and without my knowledge. At the time he was my fiancé. I have just found out about these images today and moving forward my lawyer, William O’Conner, will be handing the legalities of anyone the reproduces them.”

Pay this month’s rent or spend the month of July in court? See you in court kids…

Michael Lohan is now getting ready to go to jail too.