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Did Jaleel “Urkel” White beat his baby’s mama?


Allegedly everyone’s favorite T.V nerd turned UCLA graduate, Jaleel “Urkel” White, took a page out of the Mel Gibson bible and is accused of smacking his baby mama.

Although the victim, Bridget Hardy, says she was not harmed, sources close to the victim reported to police that their friend Bridget was not only smacked in the Breast Implant while driving down Pacific Coast Highway, but also smacked and pushed into a toilet in their home…in which it is reported that she was pushed so hard she broke the tank of the toilet. The LAPD for their part say the investigation is still going on.

It seems however that all of the evidence is not around. The silicone residue from the breast-tap is no longer visible, as well as the only witness, the infant in the car, is too young to testify. As for the toilet scene, it seems that all doo doo was flushed away, but the tank is still broken. My guess is Urkel could only carry on his non-violent nerdy behavior for only so long before his baby mama just pushed him too far….That or Mel Gibson is indeed getting to fathers across the nation.

What is it with men beating up their women these days?

Source: TMZ

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