Home Scandal and Gossip Christina Saunders is proud to announce she has bedded 1000 men.

Christina Saunders is proud to announce she has bedded 1000 men.

Nick liked cuddles more than sex. I'm convinced Sergio was a virgin.

Inspired by Sex in the City’s resident slut Samantha Jones.

Christina has a big smile on her face today. Why you may wonder you randy gentlemen is because Christina recently achieved meaning in her life by banging a 1000 of you over the last 10 years. Curious? Take out a couple of rubbers, some KY jelly, a soft lit candle and let Christina seduce you too.

News of the world. co.uk: JUST like the characters in her favourite TV show, posh Christina Saunders knows good sex. And so she should, after seducing 1,000 MEN.

The university-educated brunette longed to be as confident in bed as Sex And The City maneater Samantha.

So she set herself a 10-year challenge – to get a thousand notches on her bedpost.

A ten year challenge? Which averages out to a 100 johns a year, which once again averages out to 8 and a third johns a month, which means 2 johns on average a week. Is that all? My ex girlfriend averages at least 4 johns a week, but now that she’s a committed lesbian that target has gone way down. Which still begs the question, how did our Christina actually find her men? Word of mouth, boozy one night stands, at the sauna, the internet, the post man?

She slept with at least one stranger a week, travelled the world hunting for men to bed, and took part in threesomes. But now Christina, 30, admits: “All I want is a man to love me – not one who just wants me for sex.”

Of course, all I want for Christmas is a Ferrari, because my friends ought to realize how wonderful I really am too. Chip in you bitches!

Christina decided to copy Sam, played by Kim Cattrall, 53, during a bout of flu at university in Bristol.

Until then she hadn’t been that interested in men, saying her first sexual encounter – with a friend while she was at secondary school – was “a disaster”.

And then before she knew it she was addicted to the good shit, men with thunder between their legs and that’s how Christina decided to become a nympho and started to keep a diary of all her conquests. Because once you start on the good shit, there’s no way of putting your undies back on and stopping.

Nick liked cuddles more than sex. I'm convinced Sergio was a virgin.

By the time she left uni with a 2:2 degree in English and sociology in 2003 she’d slept with nearly 300 men. “I didn’t feel dirty, just empowered,” said Christina. “I was addicted.” A year later she moved to Clapham, South-West London, and started working for a PR firm. She’d pick up men in bars and go on 18-30 holidays to up her tally – once sleeping with 15 men in a week in Ibiza.

Which makes me wonder why wasn’t I at least clever enough to write Christina a letter of introduction the same week she was flying to Ibiza. I would have saved a few hundred dollars buying them dolled up European girls all that grog never seemed to do anything for me. Does Christina realize what a service she could be providing all the world’s pent up individuals who lack social skills at meeting women?

Now the challenge is over Christina does have regrets. “Good friends stuck by me but others accused me of being a slut. I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven’t put men off.”

Christina, personally we think you only just got the ball rolling. Could you be so kind to offer our intern your address for the next time we’re in your neck of the woods? We promise to bring the lube…

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  • Siarhei Angel

    Hahaha, talk about impressionable. I don’t really care for the fact that she slept with 1,000 people, as that in itself doesn’t bother me. If that’s what drives one, so be it. What bothers me about this story is the fact that she said she WASN’T normally that way. So, basically, this girl changed her entire world-view because she watched an overrated American TV show starring a bunch of mediocre actresses. There is something seriously troubling about that concept, especially since she fails in citing any deeper meaning the show has for her. All she wanted was to play at being Samantha, without learning anything, altering the way her mind really works, all for a thrill.
    I’ve slept with 900 men –

    All I have to say is, have fun looking for a job, miss college graduate. The interviews promise to be interesting, to say the least LOL.

  • Daisy

    People are so quick to mention God. I thought being judgemental and rude was a bad thing? Like the person who hopes she ends up alone because that’s what God would want, well done on being a good Christian.
    Anyway, let the chick do what she wants, if she’s happy and she’s not harming other people then what difference does it actually make to anyone else?

  • Bergey

    If a man did this, there’ be no shortage of women calling him a douchebag, an asshole, and every other name in the book. There is nothing empowering about what she did, only slutty. God save the white knight who settles down with her. She’s slept with 1000 men, she’ll probably fuck your best man at the reception.

  • Alpha Male

    Sluts gonna slut…her parents must be proud.

  • Tony

    hope she ends up alone with no one to actually love her. If God existed that’s what should happen.

    But of course we know some poor fellow is gonna get suckered into it.
    Damn wks

  • Steve


  • allen

    how many diseases does this girl have and how many babies has she aborted? This women is not only hurting herself physically but also emotionally and helping promote the treating of human beings like objects. And she will have to answer to God for this nasty adventure she had.