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Cathleen Miller ends up having sex with her 13 year old daughter’s friends.


Why let your daughter have all the fun?

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would bake brownies and offer milk to your school friends? That is not apparently what Cathleen Miller did when her 13 year old daughter’s guy friends turned up. Time to take out your crack pipe and a couple of spare condoms. Cathleen is waiting for you in the kitchen.

CBS News: CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. (CBS) Suburban mother Cathleen Miller is charged with seducing and molesting four teenage boys, who prosecutors say were friends of her 13-year-old daughter.

According to court documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, the 40-year-old woman held parties at her home between Feb. and June and allegedly provided teens with alcohol and marijuana.

Prosecutors say Miller had intercourse with two of the teens, had oral sex with a third and fondled a fourth.

Of course we’re suspecting there was a fifth child on the premises quietly munching on Cathleen’s brownies and dreamy eyed drinking the luke warm milk that Cathleen had just taken off the stove, but he’s probably still hiding in the basement confused by all the sounds Cathleen’s crack pipe is making.

Isn’t it wonderful that some mothers offer more home entertainment than other moms?

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  • Dalvaroweaver8

    The truth that is giving you problems is that so many men and women who have become parents have been lied to or they lie blindly themselves to their own sons and daughters and associated taboos as well, as to whether you are a man and a woman at the age of thirteen or fourteen, or 18 .But you are supposed to be taught in your early sexual feelings and sexual relations of the opposite sex as to what that is and means, and this is when so many parental deceit misses or skips this point. How to feel and respond and listen to the heart about whats in your heart and theirs is what is avoided. Saying “put a condom on this is what std’s is and now you’re ready when you engage after at 18 or order and avoid having kids…now you know what intercouse is” is such an insult to yourself as a parent, to God, and to your son or daughter because of its short sightness. Now you know why so many people are insecure and dysfunctional in relationships after college. They socially tell us to become a man and a woman about our emotional responsibility of ourselves about others and our own hearts after college, etc that they get 1600 on english and math sat test and no pass grades on problematic issue about self and others in life in regards as to what love truly is and is about. You lied and said it is just sex and not love speeches that they get older and tell themselves the same garbage. Maybe true to a very, very small percentage of ones sexual experiences, but you better believe they loved it. Ha! It is the greatness of love for and being in love with a person that makes sex so gratifying. Then the analyzers tell the life lesson story about how he or she is raise by the devils ways, the streets, the world, etc when it comes to sex and love because thats what the poor lost soul is really trying to find! Oh how true that may be! The fact that some don’t want to amit that young adults like that could satisfy people over 30 is immaterial! Does that frighten you! And guess what, they enjoyed it, every last bit of it, both of them. Every thing is about responsiblity and decision making to parents but sex it seems is not…You don’t raise robots, you are raise like God loves you, to express and develop self control and discipline in your free will. So who broke the laws of lust, fornication, and love and true passion without external forces between teenage men and women with older ones beyond “this 18 year old thing?” The hypocrits to it. Oh my! and yes even the very that do it. You can’t have consenual sex with the young 17 year old woman or man is not a law, its a statement. And a statement that is false therefore no truth to its theoretical or experimental validity to proper adulthood decision, let alone the passionate lust that both give into under the eyes of God and believe me that both over those monthly and yearly relationships hide from others. But yet we always have married young, haven’t we!