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World’s Deadliest Snatch


If Discovery Channel’s “World’s Deadliest Catch” teamed up with Nat Geo’s “Prison Nation“, the outcome would be this show…World’s Deadliest Snatch, starring Katrina Montez Wade.

Ms. Wade was incarcerated on May 20th after a suspected drug den was raided, and she and a pal were found guilty of drug trafficking charges. If you are curious, it is because they found 98 grams of crack and 30 grams of heroin, as well as marijuana in the household. But that is not the SNATCH.

While Ms. Wade was fine heading straight to the slammer, her “pal” however, was a different story. To hopefully get on the officers good side, she snitched that Wade had 50-100 bags of heroine stashed away…Where, you may ask. In her butt?…Did she swallow them? In fact, neither are correct. The snitch informed the officers that Wade had put the 50-100 bags up her vagina or snatch if you would.

Even after the ridiculous information, the officers seemed to shrug it off. While most think they would perform a cavity search, the officers indeed did not and only did a strip search. It was not until days later that the authorities began intercepting notes within the jail from Wade, implicating her of dealing drugs.

Authorities then began interviewing other inmates, and corrections deputies finally decided to confront Wade on May 26th… But I mean it is not like they did not hear about this shit a week before… When confronting Wade, they told her that they were prepared to use an ultrasound on her to further inspect her undercarriage.—which would be funny, unless you see a little cracked out Ally McBeal baby playing hacky sack in her tummy…because then that would be hilarious.

Wade immediately crumbled and agreed to remove the excess drugs that were located within her love button.

“With a blanket covering the lower part of her body, Wade then removed a “ clear plastic bag that contained 12 small green plastic bags” of heroin.

Wade admitted that she “had more originally, but used some herself along with her co-defendants while in the holding cell.” Wade, who claimed that she turned over the smack to clear her conscience, was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for the jailhouse racket. “

Just goes to show you, if when buying drugs, they taste like you have been at a sushi bar….Your dealer got the idea from Ms. Kantrina Montez Wade.

Source; ABC- 7.com