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Why can’t naked cowboy and naked cowgirl just get along?


If only the naked cowboy could pimp the naked cowgirl the world would be a better place.

In the event you have recently come across some fake feathers and turquoise g strings scattered along with a tattered harmonica in Times Square in NY, don’t be overtly concerned. It’s just naked cowboy having it out with naked cowgirl. Why you wonder? Well naked cowboy feels naked cow ho is stealing his act by standing across the street trying to pull off the same shady business he is trying to pull off in front of tourists every day desperate to fling him as much money that can possibly bounce off his neon high cow po boots. And because naked cow ho refuses to pay cow po a pimp fee he is slowly beginning to lose his mind. Michael K from D listed explains further…

According to People, 39-year-old Robert Burck (Ho name: The Naked Cowboy) owns the trademark for the Naked Cowboy and anybody who wants to use the name professionally has to pay him. The Naked Cowboy sued Mars Inc. a couple of years ago for using a naked cowboy M&M as part of an advertising campaign. His lawyer says that the Naked Cowgirl is clearly violating his trademark and they will sue her hot ass if she doesn’t comply.

The Naked Cowgirl (government name: Sandy Kane), an old time stripper who was famous for lighting her tits on fire, says that she’s been doing the nekkid thing way before the Naked Cowboy came around. She says, “I’ve been naked for years. You know how much money I make? Two dollars a picture. I’m not selling any products. The song ain’t going anywhere anyways. It’s not like he’s Tim McGraw or Keith Urban.”

Which makes us wonder what is wrong with these two knuckle head sandwiches. If they had any wits about them they should stand there in fuschia drag dry humping as many Nebraskans they can get their slick asses onto. It’s obvious cow ho ain’t gonna pay a dime and it’s equally obvious cow po has lost his marbles too. Really them two bitches ought to adopt a bunch of  abandoned kids that their parents dropped off while visiting the big Apple and make themselves a cow hide load of money and have all them bitches singing naked in ankle boots between Harlem and China Town. Then while them kids are banging up them harmonicas and guitars they can invite Countess LuAnn for a commissioned photo shoot. See you can still get rich in America if you put your mind to it.

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