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The fallout of General McChrystal’s Screw Up.

After unloading a steady stream of obscenities that would make Abbie Hoffman blush, the fallout of General Stanley McChrystal’s in depth interview in Rolling Stone Magazine (they’re famed for their knowledge of military brass) is echoing beyond the Pentagon and the White House. The brash General hasn’t much sang-froid and lacks the effete savior-faire that is a major part of the Obama Admin (his favorite movie is Talladega Night), but his vituperative words for the president with respects to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan was very revealing. So revealing in fact that some insiders are going so far as to suggest that military leaders just plainly do not like Democrats or liberals.
The basic truth is that the military just doesn’t like Democrats, says Leslie H. Gelb. But firing one general is enough for one war. Let him stay—and talk honestly about strategy.

Leslie Gelb writes in the Daily Beast….

The U.S. military, officers and enlisted ranks don’t like and don’t trust Democrats and liberals. The bad feelings are mainly about values, style and constancy more than policy. The military feel the Democrats come at common problems from a different place and don’t stick to agreed plans when the going gets rough.

The author goes on to echo basically every negative smear about Democrats, from “they don’t stay the course” to “they are defeatists.” What isn’t mentioned is how ignorant to history Republicans can be. If you don’t believe me, just ask Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Britain, and Russia how easy Afghanistan is.

Source: The Daily Beast

  • Julie

    I’m Sorry President Obama ran an election campaign on “fighting the right war”. I think he was pandering to another base. Hopefully the 24/7 news cycle about McChrystal will end.
    I rather move forward with problem solving on more pressing issues.
    Makes me want to watch “Almost Famous” again.

  • Vnic

    “they don’t stay the course” to “they are defeatists.” Really? The only person who did not stay the course and was defeated in this scenario is General Stanley McChrystal. He’s to chicken shit to resign or quit that he mouthed off, only begging for a mercy firing.

  • Roger

    Too bad, according to the chain of command Obama is in charge, not them.