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The Bisexuality of Hollywood.


Is bisexuality a new trend for entertainers?

This weekend past singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton came out with the revelation at Nashville’s Pride day that she’s bisexual. Known for her hits- ‘Ordinary Day,’ and “A thousand Miles,’ Carlton in years past has been noted for her very public relationships with performers John Mayor Stephen Jenkins. and

What of course made Ms Carlton’s announcement in front of an 18 000 strong crowd compelling is the fact that it comes on the back of a slew of other performers revelation’s as to their sexual identity- Anna Paquin, Ricky Martin, Pink and not to mention the slew of very public female performers making out with other female performers in very public settings. We could probably add to that mix the latest sexual tapes courtesy of tabloid stalwarts- Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Khardashian, Danielle Staub and the list just goes on. Which begs the question- what is going on in America?

One idea circulating the desks here is that it’s now become very politically correct to be pro gay, where as in the past to acknowledge the gay community or one’s own ‘gayness,’ would have been ill advised. But with gay figures making cultural milestones and being accepted by a larger share of the American population, being gay has somehow become the de facto cool thing to be or declare.

This of course harbours also on the idea that perhaps America is finally becoming a more liberated place to live, more open to mores that may have offended in the past and willingly for the time being to talk about those things that may have always been going on but until now we’re secrets kept behind closed doors. Whether it’s a hard thing to believe or not- but female performers being with other female performers didn’t just happen in 2010. One can trace such romanticizing as far back as the 1930’s with Marlene Dietrich. It portends to the idea that perhaps the media as a whole is finally more comfortable to discuss and highlight such themes and of course actors sensing a wonderful way to get their name out there are having no problem disclosing such things either.

Finally it may well come down to plain economics- with a larger demographic increasingly comfortable with their sexuality it may be time for performers to seek an alliance with a new demographic that may now wish to frequent those performers that have ‘come’ out. Of course a lot of the public behavior is for show and performers anxious to remain in the public light and paradoxically maintain their fan base and lucrative deals are trying harder than ever to prove that they too are crazy or out there (a kind of ‘must have’ attitude it seems in the entertainment industry)- which hopefully validates their mystique factor and payday. It’s a trend that is unlikely to dissipate, but one may have to brace themselves for the next series of revelations and behaviors as America fuels its appetite for the forbidden.

Source:Huffington Post

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  1. Except for Ricky Martin, this article is just about celebrity women announcing their bisexuality. It’s a marketing ploy, even if they really are bisexual. Straight men love to see beautiful women making out with each other, therefore, bisexual actresses increase their fame and marketability. I would be more interested if this article were truly about both male and female celebrities coming out as bisexual, but because it’s just women, it’s merely the usual attempt to titillate the fans by acting bisexual. There is much more homophobia for male gay and bisexual actors so they would never risk their careers by coming out. What a double standard – to be bi is considered sexy for women, but emasculating for men.

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