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The art of being solicited by prostitutes online.


Ola from Warsaw naturally.

It was bound to happen and now it finally has- being electronically solicited by prostitutes via on line. At first my initial reaction was one of amusement, even detachment. If the journal could be solicited by writers, interns, other publishers, publicists, reality stars, socialites, fashionistas, fans, haters and other sundry of characters- why not prostitutes. Especially ones as far as it seems from Poland.

Initially I put the email away but then something dawned on me- what was it that this Ola girl actually wanted? Did she expect me to call her up from Poland to service the interns? Did she expect an explanation that although charmed I hardly gave such favors or that perhaps like every other hustler and media whore on the landscape even Ola- all the way over there in Warsaw, Poland understood the value of a good write up.

So now once again I look at the letter, the spelling mistakes, the defiant stance that I should contact her and the endless possibilities that could result if I just sat down and called that number in front of me.

This my dears is the dilemma of publishers, after all if we give one media whore undue fame, it wont be long before actual whores demand there’s as well…but at least Ola assures us she has an ‘entertaining personality’- but wasn’t that a given?

The wonderful letter as it first appeared:

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