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Stunning ex model is raped at the house of Campion and Tatiana Platt.


When a chance meeting goes horribly wrong.

In a city like NY where on a daily basis one comes across what appears to be legitimately genuine people sometimes it pays to be wary of who you are actually meeting, especially if you happen to be one of those pretty things such people prey on.

The NY Postreports:

A stunning ex-model was choked and raped on the rooftop terrace of the ritzy SoHo penthouse owned by powerhouse couple Campion and Tatiana Platt, The Post has learned.

Not the most savory thing to read on a Sunday morning (or any for that matter)- but the fact that this incident happened at one of the most coveted abodes of the city at one of the city’s most coveted couple’s home makes this an irresistible story. So irresistible in fact, that John Thomas, a 30 year old friend of the 19 year old son of the power couple- Jeremy, who was holding an impropmtu party behind his parents back whilst they were on holiday couldn’t help but pretend to the stunning girl he chanced upon on the street(who remains unindentified for now) that the party was in fact his own, and that the house all these people had shown up to was also his own. A wonderful string of lies to seduce a young unsuspecting woman. A string of lies that women fall for everyday of the week…
They said Thomas, 30, a career criminal with at least 40 arrests on his rap sheet, struck up a conversation with the 33-year-old woman, a resident of Murray Hill, just after she finished a waitress shift in SoHo. They talked for about a half-hour and he invited her to the apartment, which he said was his own, police said.

They were hanging out alone on a rooftop terrace when he flew into a rage because she got up to leave, cops said.

“Where are you going?” he asked her, according to police.

“Home,” she said.

“No, sit down,” he allegedly demanded.

What the young woman didn’t realize is that not all of John’s marbles weren’t there, or maybe she in fact did realize it and that is why she suddenly decided to leave. But of course that wasn’t the most welcoming news to John who by now must’ve been feeling smug to get the girl back to ‘his’ house in the first place…

The victim then took out her cellphone and tried to call 911 but Thomas snatched it from her, broke it and hurled it off the roof, police said.

He then pounced on her and choked her until she nearly passed out, allegedly saying, “Oh, you want to get raped.”

He removed her pants and underwear and forced himself on her, kissing her face while continuing to choke her, prosecutors said.

After the alleged attack, the victim dressed and left the apartment. Thomas allegedly accompanied her to the street, where he offered her money if she kept quiet, police said.

How much money could have John Thomas offered his victim to shut her up? A free dinner, a $1000, $5000, $100 000 or how about a possibility of 25 years in jail?
When cops arrested Thomas on Sixth Avenue five hours later, he “started flailing his arms, falling to the ground and running from the police,” prosecutors said.

Shortly after, he allegedly tried to kill himself while in a holding cell. He went on suicide watch and was transferred to Bellevue Hospital’s prison ward.

Thomas was charged with first-degree rape, sexual abuse, robbery and resisting arrest. He’s facing 25 years in jail and is being held on $100,000 bail.

In a city rife with people trying to live the fantasy, sometimes it’s inevitable that we come across those who are living in their own dangerous fantasy, a young woman drawn to a possible get away from her life as a waitress and a young man drawn to a desperate idea of who he actually wasn’t. In the end, the results were disastrous, and both John Thomas and the woman he traumatized will be living their own kind of life sentence.