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Shia LaBeouf don’t Play that Sh*t!


My future husband, boyfriend, hell I’d just have sex with him if I could, Shia LaBeouf has sort of always been known for his hatred against the paparazzi so his latest actions shouldn’t be a surprised; but more like a turn on.
Celebrity news outlet x17online caught the Transformers star taking a paparazzo’s camera equipment form his car which was parked right outside his house. I know Shia deserves his privacy and all, but where the hell is this photographer? Can we do lunch because I’d love to just find out where Shia LaBeouf lives!
Apparently he saw multiple camera crews waiting outside his house and took matters into his own hands by taking their cameras so they would no longer film him. He then went back into his home and phoned the police. What sucks is that the cops made him return the camera so of course this footage has hit the net. Maybe someone got a close up of his address. I’m not kidding here people, I need to know where Shia LaBeouf lives and I need to know now!!
Isn’t it sexy hoow Shia takes matters into his own hands. Let’s be realistic here, the kid weighs about 110lbs, could you imagine him beating down a paparazzo? My fantasy still has yet to come true.
Source: OK Magazine via x17online

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