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Saudi beheaded then nailed to the cross.


Comply with the law or else.

Saudi Arabia is one of the few places in the world where the expression an eye for an eye literally means that. With a strict legal code, any act or behavior outside of the confines of the law will result in the harshest punishments. How harsh? Let’s find out…

News.com.au SAUDI Arabia executed two murderers including a Yemeni whose body was nailed to a cross after he was convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter.

Shaaban al-Nasheri was beheaded for shooting dead Dhayeh al-Manbahi after barging into his family home in the southwestern town of Jazan, the interior ministry said in a statement cited by the official SPA agency.

Nasheri was also found guilty of raping and killing Manbahi’s daughter before shooting and wounding her sister.

Following his execution, the murderer’s body was nailed to a cross in Jazan.

Forget about appeals, stays of execution, lethal ejection, electric chair, death in this part of the world takes on a life of its very own.

The beheadings bring to 15 the number of executions reported in the ultra-conservative Gulf monarchy this year, according to an AFP count. In 2009, there were 67 reported executions in the kingdom, compared with 102 in 2008.

Which sort of means there are 35 more heads that have literally been spared. (102- 67).

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law. In extreme cases, the convict is executed and his body crucified in public.

Could you imagine what would happen to the crime rate in Western society if this type of punishment was inflicted? It would be interesting and very scary.

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