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Rihanna to get Naked for Katy Perry’s Bachelorrete Party?


Katy Perry, what’s there to say about her? Well, she sings the summer smash hit “California Gurls,” she’s engaged to actor Russell Brand, and oh yeah, she wants Rihanna to strip ball booty naked at her bachelorette party.

Sure the two have been photographed hanging out but who knew the babes were that close. Katy told Chicago’s Kiss FM just how much body she wanted gal pal Rihanna to expose, “the whole bit, the whole bit.”

Uh-oh, let’s hope Rihanna is a shaver; maybe we should ask Chris Brown?

Katy also told radio listeners that her gal pal took charge and said she would plan her bachelorette party with no help. Interestingly Rihanna had no idea what Katy had up her sleeve and still doesn’t if she wasn’t listening to the radio broadcast, “she’s gonna get the message-she’s hot I love her and she’s the coolest chick and I want all of her curves and we have a lot in common.”

Aww, Katy Perry is so nice. She wants all 120lbs of her best friend Rihanna’s curves. Is anyone else hoping that the paparazzi get footage of this bachelorette party?

Source: AZ Central

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