Home Scandal and Gossip Kayla Manson uses the word C*NT twice on the Today Show.

Kayla Manson uses the word C*NT twice on the Today Show.


The shocking things 13 year olds say to each other.

Audiences today are reeling in shock as a consequence of thirteen year old Kayla Manson’s appearance on the Today show. It wasn’t her appearance or behavior that shocked audiences, far from it, it was her casual, almost absent minded use of the word ‘cunt,’ not once once but twice while being interviewed by the show’s anchor Meredith Viera.

With Kayla’s appearance, audience members were shocked to learn that 13 year olds like Kayla go around using such words (never mind the topic that brought Kayla onto the show- revolving around threats of teen rape and other savory yummies), but also shocked that a young girl, as obviously striking and beautiful as Kayla has a handle of such words and culture in the first place- something that society would be more willing to overlook or shrug off if it were for the fact that Kayla looked more like a trailer trash park kid as opposed to a young Brooke Shields.

Huffington Post reports;

Kayla Manson, a 13-year-old Florida girl accused as an accomplice after her boyfriend allegedly attempted to murder her best friend, recalled the text messages that her friend and boyfriend exchanged before he attacked her.

Manson said she did not see the texts where her boyfriend, Wayne Treacy, threatened to kill her best friend, Josie Ratley, but rather only ones in which they called each other names.

Manson said the two text messages she saw were “the one where she calls him a rapist, and she calls him a cunt, I mean the one where he calls her a cunt.”

Isn’t it reassuring knowing 13 year olds can have the same adventures 23 year old girls like Lindsay Lohan have? But of course the Today show wasn’t taking chances, because even they understand that there are certain illusions and proprieties that even they must abide by.

In a later segment, Vieira apologized to viewers for the language.

“I just want to apologize to our audience at home for some of the rough language in that last segment,” she said. “And it’s really not Kayla’s fault. I asked her about the text message, and she didn’t realize…she was giving me verbatim, what was in it. She didn’t know there are certain words you can’t say on television. Anyway, we do apologize for that.”

In fact Today even went out of it’s way to take the following course of actions:

A Today Show spokesperson tells the Huffington Post that the show has removed the audio from its Central, Mountain and Pacific feeds, as well as online.

One day when we get over the public myths for what passes as correct public etiquette we can get on with facing some home truths- that even 13 year olds already know in private…