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Harry Reid’s son ashamed of his own last name


Senate majority Leader Harry Reid’s son, Rory--who looks like a dehydrated version of his father–is running for Governor in Nevada, only he doesn’t want anyone to know his last name. So apparently disgusted with his biological association with his daddy that he failed to include his last name in this ridiculous political ad, which is the first of many “Just call me Rory” ads.

Rory may want to consider changing his last name to Bush or Hayward, as they both have less loathsome overtones these days with voters.

But, according to Rory Reid himself….

“I think people know who I am and I like the way my first name sounds.”

Perhaps Rory is just reading the writing on the wall and sees his political fate through the prism of many other offspring of well-known politicians that have lost primary bids.

For example, Ethan Hastert, who was running for the seat once held by his father, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert; Earl Hilliard Jr., the son of former Representative Earl Hilliard of Alabama, who was running for an Alabama House seat; and Pete Domenici, Jr., the son of former Senator Pete Domenici, who was running for governor of New Mexico.

Source: The Caucus

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  • Vnic

    I dunno about this one? On the one hand, it goes against my Italian familial loyalty (under any circumstances) but on the other hand, in any other year, he would be able to ride the coattails of his father. There is so much anti-Harry Reid sentiment running high and the Republicans are attempting to make the governor’s race about the senator than the actual candidate. Perhaps he’s also trying to protect his father from further scrutiny while attempting to win the race?